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Dog training in Blandon

Dog Treats And Toys in Blandon

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Our mission is simple: Provide a fun and positive learning experience for  the dog and owner which will help create a bond that will last a lifetime.

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There is a lot of responsibility that comes with dog ownership. One of the most valuable is training. The more time spent teaching your dog the happier everyone will be, including your dog.   Well Mannered Paws, LLC in Blandon, can assist you regardless of the level you are at with your dog.  In  our dog training in Blandon, we conduct Puppy Kindergarten Classes,  Adult Basic Obedience Classes, Specific Behavior Modification, which includes dogs with specific fears. We will also travel to your home to correct certain behaviors. We use treat and reward system to train in all of our programs. No choke, prong, or electronic collars are used.  Review our list of training programs  to find one that fits your needs.