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March 7-9, 2014 I had an opportunity to assist as a field technician for the National Search Dog Alliance (NSDA). We covered small area searches, building clearing, and basic training in addition to troubleshooting handler issues. It was a chance to see first hand how dogs and humans work together in a rescue operation. Dogs play a vital role in the search and rescue efforts that occur nearly every day.  Visit the National Search Dog Alliance  website for more information.



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 As  long as I can remember I have loved dogs.    Growing up, my parents had a Cocker Spaniel and an Irish Setter.    My wife, Karen and I had a Samoyed as well as  a Springer Spaniel/Lab mix,  both of which we had taken through basic obedience training.  In 2010 we welcomed  a Yellow Labrador, Lexi to our home. She is  whistle and clicker trained. She has had some hand signal training.    My experience training Lexi inspired me to pursue dog training professionally. In July of 2015 we added Ice, another Yellow Lab and in August of 2015 we welcomed Piper, a Chocolate Lab to our home.

In December 2013 I completed The Canine Management Program at Kutztown University, under world renowned Canine and Feline Ethologist, Susan Bulanda. 

I look forward to working with you and your dog and showing you the bond you can create.


                                               Ron Hix