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Our Trail Walking Class is a fun and exciting way to bond with your dog. The emphasis is on having fun while exploring the trails of Berks County. Long distance sit/stay, dealing with new distractions, and whistle training are some of topics within this class. Sessions are 1 to 1 1/2 hours, depending on class size, and are held on a Sunday morning and afternoon. Please dress based on the weather conditions. Space is limited to two dogs per class.    

                                                     Course cost $60

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Trail Walking Class

 ** A fee of $10 per session will be added if more than 15 miles (one way)       outside the Blandon area.

Individual sessions held at your home. This gives us the opportunity to work on issues or concerns specific to you and your dog in a quiet, private setting. Ideal for dogs that may be stressed or fearful of traveling in a vehicle.​​


Session cost $75 **

Book 3 sessions for $210 **

Package #3

Package #1

Group classes are taught at Willow Creek Veterinary Center, 5707 Leesport Ave. Reading 19605. All training programs require proof of vaccination including a rabies certificate, completed registration and release of liability forms which need to be returned to us prior to the start of any training program.


        Socialization and group classes also require proof of Bordetella vaccine.

We understand busy schedules however any multi-week packages must be completed within an 6 week time frame.

                                       Please visit our Forms Page

Well Mannered Paws, LLC cannot consistently accurately predict the behavior of any animal or person. No guarantees or refunds are given for any classes or one on one sessions. It is understood that the success of any training or behavior program requires compliance as well as communication with the instructor.

Well Mannered Paws, L.L.C. will teach you the basics of clicker training which can be used in limitless situations. From reinforcing good behaviors to teaching tricks.   Thirty minute session.

Cost $40 **

Clicker Training Basics

Held at Willow Creek Veterinary Center in a group setting only. This is a six week program covering sit, stay, come, down, heel, leave it, and other topics. 


Course cost $170

Package #2

Held at Willow Creek Veterinary Center as a private four week program. It covers sit, stay, down, and come. In this program one skill is covered each week. The final session will tie all these basic skills together.

Course cost $200

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